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October 22, 2012


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"Greetings, Contestants of the Sixfold League and residents of the Saros Region! I am an executive of Mirage Inc., and I've been informed to give you all this.

You received a Mirage Ball!

For contestants, as recognition of your hard work in the round! Even if you didn't pass the round, you are still entitled to this item.

What does it mean? Well, you can now add another Pokemon to your team. Time to rhyme it seems! All right, all right, now let me elaborate a little.

Firstly, only those who finished round one are allowed this, as they are allowed to get up to six Pokemon on their team now. (The exception being if your NPC already has less than three Pokemon--in which case they may get another!) This is, as I stated above, reward for your hard work! Therefore you must have sent us your entry in a note, and it was judged. Now, unfortunately this means you're out of the tournament and now an NPC. So, does that mean you have to change your app to the three-Pokemon NPC app? No! Behold:

An NPC stamp!

Put this in the left hand corner of your app, and you're done! For those of you with larger files, here is a bigger one.

And for a visual, here is how it goes:

Remember, you must have finished your Round One to convert to an NPC this way. If you did not complete or compete in round one, you must convert your character to an NPC by switching them to the official NPC apps.

Now! Back to the fun stuff. A new teammate!

Before I get into it more, let me say I know many of you left Pokemon at home. You may use this opportunity to bring your Pokemon with you now! Just as long as they still fit in the types that are allowed for your faction. But this is where it gets really fun.

All contestants are now granted access to Epicent City, and therefore, you may obtain a pure NORMAL type! (This does not include dual types. It must be a PURE Normal type!)

So that's another type you can add, on top of your faction's three. But that's not all!

Remember your passports? You should! They aren't mandatory to fill out, however if you want to keep proper track of things I'd highly suggest getting one.

We are now giving out Region Stamps. This means you can go to that region, AND catch the Pokemon found there! This is a great opportunity to get Pokemon outside your faction's type restrictions!

:bulletred:Corus gets a Moeras stamp:bulletred:

Therefore, if you are from Corus, you also have the option of getting a Pokemon with Bug/Poison/Ice in its typing.

:bulletpurple:Moeras gets a Ladon stamp:bulletpurple:

Therefore, if you are from Moeras, you also have the option of getting a Pokemon with Dragon in its typing (ONLY Dragon, not from Ladon's list of other Pokemon!!).

:bulletblue:Ladon gets a Cita Erbonde stamp:bulletblue:

Therefore, if you are from Ladon, you also have the option of getting a Pokemon with Fire/Water/Grass in its typing.

:bulletgreen:Cita Erbonde gets a Terran Alto stamp:bulletgreen:

Therefore, if you are from Cita Erbonde, you also have the option of getting a Pokemon with Ground/Flying/Electric in its typing.

:bulletyellow:Terran Alto gets a Lochesh stamp:bulletyellow:

Therefore, if you are from Terran Alto, you also have the option of getting a Pokemon with Ghost/Dark/Psychic in its typing.

:bulletblack:Finally, Lochesh gets a Corus stamp:bulletblack:

Therefore, if you are from Lochesh, you also have the option of getting a Pokemon with Fighting/Steel/Rock in its typing.

So, if you like, hope on that Linorail and get yourself another Pokemon!

Good luck everyone! And to all of you out there not in the competition, you're the real part of this region. Keep that in mind!"


All members are now given the choice to get a new teammate. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as farther in the tournament you will be using many Pokemon.

This is the addition of ONE Pokemon. You have the choice of:

:bulletblack: Getting a Pokemon from the three types featured in your region. (Show off your faction's pride!)
:bulletblack: Getting a PURE Normal type.
:bulletblack: Getting a Pokemon from another faction, depending on what stamp your faction got. (See above).

You do not have to catch this Pokemon--if it is in your character's story that they had this Pokemon before, they may bring it into the tournament.

If you are still a contestant, you're free to do this with not much explanation.

If you finished round one but didn't make it to round 2, you may still get up to six Pokemon by putting the NPC stamp on your App. Therefore, you may get a new Pokemon.

If you are an NPC, you may get a new Pokemon if you have LESS than three. You may also swap, but know if you swap you cannot bring the other Pokemon back. If you did not participate in Round 1/Didn't finish, it is preferable that you transfer your character to the NPC application.

Also, I'd like to finally say how important NPCs are to the group! They will play just as big of a role in the plot, and if you complete enough events you will be still be eligible to win a prize!

Now choose wisely!
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TheUnununium Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, I have a question. I am waiting for a specific badge to get a specific Pokemon and I am willed to try my luck to wait one more round to get it. So I wondered whether it would be possible to simply wait a bit with adding my fifth Pokemon and add 2 Pokemon at once after round 3. Or would this be against the rules and I had to wait for an additional round for this - in case I proceed, that is?

Also, I have a probably rather strange question concerning the accessories. Let's say my trainer's from Lochesh and after the next round we get a Moeras badge. Would it be possible to catch a Pokemon in Moeras AND get an accessory from that faction for a different Pokemon of my team? After all, my trainer had to travel to that faction anyway in order to catch a new Pokemon, so could she buy an accessory for a different Pokemon than the caught one as it wouldn't really make a difference. At least in my opinion. So, uhm, would that work? And I'm sorry if this sounds confusing, I hope you're with me here. Otherwise I'll try to describe it differently. Sometimes I can have a confusing way with words when it comes to explanations. |D
mirzers Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
You can wait if you want, but know that you may not get the faction you want after Round Three. But no, it is not against the rules to not add a Pokemon to your party.

When you get access to a faction, you may get accessories from the faction as well. The accessory can go to any Pokemon in your party, not just the one caught in said faction.
TheUnununium Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course I am aware that it's possible that I won't get the faction I want, but as I said, I am willed to wait one more round.
Thanks for the help! I made my decision. C:
LivewireSparks Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Are NPCs able to get out of faction pokemon in exchange for one of their slots?

Like since Cita compititors could go to Terra Alto to get a new pokemon. Could a Cita NPC do the same in exchange for one of their pokemon?
Pepelu-Haruhara Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Absolutely you can!
LivewireSparks Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
fantastic ouo
Pug-In-The-Mug Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Another question! Sorry,hehe. So:If my character can have a pokemon from Ladon,(since she's from Moeras) or a pure Normal type from Epicent city,if I choose the one from Ladon,can I still have a pokemon from Epicent later?
WindFlite Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist
Pug-In-The-Mug Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
OrcaCookie Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
i have a question, and i'm not sure if it's been answered and i missed it.
if for example my trainer is from Terran Alto and they get a Lochesh pokemon, do they still have to use the items Terran Alto offers in the "Bienvenue" journal, or does that pokemon get the choice of Lochesh items also?
sorry if this has already been covered. o v o;;
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